Saturday, 13 August 2016

For Virginia For the consitution

On the morrow, then gentlemen''
 He left the fireside of the tavern, and stepped into the cool May night.  The cold, and the stench greeted his exit. 
Tomorrow, `` Those people'' would attack. The enemy will try and force a crossing, and then advance to Richmond.
He would stop them
 Across the river, he could see their campfires. Even hear an occasional song. Damn them.  Damn them all. Who were these, Northerners, these mechanicks, and millhands to disturb the peace, and Constitution? Irish, Germans, Jews and every malcontent from Europe among them 
A damn rabble
The fruits of democracy were a bitter vintage. Thank the good God, that fair Virginia had not supped such madness
Well to Bed 
 He dreamed of Mary Anne, of the children, of cotton and tobacco fields. 
 At first light Cicero woke him,
``Yo Coffey Sur''
 ``Where did you get Coffee, Cicero..wait I don't want to know.. The Major winked
Cicero smiled and bowed
 A full bladder demanded the Majors attention(as the watch officer ascertained the hour, again and again)
His duty done, he told the Bugler to call assembly
 The squadron fell into line, their uniforms, filthy, their beards worse. Their horses brushed and fed
Mounting his hunter Scholar ,the  Major rode along the line
``Gentlemen,  You are not handsome at all, but your horses do you credit. As every Gentleman knows with rights come duties. Today we shall do ours
For Virginia, For the constitution, and for our gracious Queen Victoria
 With that the Major Lee, of the first  King Georges own, led his men out. Out to face the Charter-men, advancing across the bridge at Dukes Meadow on the London side of the Thames

Sunday, 1 May 2016


I lost my password, I was locked out for months

The anniversary of Easter week, has come and gone

Friday, 12 December 2014

Peruvian war of independence

I visited the Casaohiggins in Lima yesterday

Recreation of patriot force uniform

Study of a battle, between royalist and patriot forces

Copy of sword and map of O Higgins

Earth from several battlegrounds

Finally the bedroom of O'Higgins

The Treaty debates in the border counties

Friday, 31 October 2014

Caves and the war of independence

I wonder would  they have been used if the war had spread to Eire in WW2